Focus on your business, let us maintain your website!

  • Website repairs – If your website is not functioning properly or you have any kind of issues related to the code that is under the hood of your site we can provide all needed help and make those annoying issues magically disappear. Website repair service covers everything related to your website, domain or hosting.
  • Full site backup – backup of your website once a week or more frequently as needed, backup will include all files related to your website (images, database with your pages/posts and everything else).
  • Website speed optimization – A slow website can damage your SEO. We can increase your website loading time to the speed of light and fix all issues that are causing delays and making your site work slow. Check your website speed on the Google Pagespeed Insights.
  • Content management – If you don’t have time or don’t know how to do the coding we can take care about your content and as frequently as needed update your website with text, images or videos you provide to us. All the content we put on your website will be nicely styled with images, links and text formatting. We also offer content writing services.
  • Transfer from one host to another – If you want to change your hosting provider, we can backup your entire site and do a seamless migration to other host.
  • Virus removal – If your website has been hacked and infected with any kind of viruses such as trojans, iframes or any other malwares, we can investigate, identify, remove, prevent further contamination and make your site secured as it never was before.
  • Outdated web scripts / plugins – Outdated web scripts(blogs, forum scripts content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or any other) or plugins that are installed on your site can cause a lot of errors, major security issues, slowdown your website or even make it completely inaccessible, therefore upgrade of the web scripts and plugins is needed on a regular basis.
  • Website review – We can analyze every part of your website, find and fix any glitches or coding errors that can lead to instability of your site or cause any security issue.

* If you need some specific service that is not listed above, feel free to request a quote.