I am deeply pleased with the service I received from Sharky’s team, now my website looks completely professional and it’s driving in more trafic than ever before. Thank you guys!

John M.

We really needed a mobile website but have been putting it off because of cost and the problems that other pizzerias in the area have had with theirs. We decided that we would give it a try and found this site. I can only say that I wish we knew of them sooner! Our mobile site is amazing and we have had no trouble with it at all! Thank you for a great experience

Louie V.

So, these guys are awesome! I just had a website built for my construction business and thought to myself, Ok, so how bad could it be? All I can say is WOW! The site is incredible! They even made a Custom Logo for me! Some of my clients looked at it and asked me what took me so long in getting one made? They loved it too!

Johny P.

Their diligence and hard work made my site what I always wanted it to be. Results are amazing.

Dana S.

My website went down and the local web companies could not figure out what the problem was. My husband and I have a small online business and without the site, we are dead in the water! I called Great white websolutions and was able to speak with a programmer that very day! My site is now up & functioning and is faster than before. I cannot thank them enough for all that they did for us. I highly recommend this trustworthy team.

Susanne H.

Thank you for the awesome and stable web hosting services you are providing me every day, finaly I can sleep without thinking will my company website go down again, like it has in past when the site was hosted with other hosting companies.

Laura A.

I make custom jewelry and sell on line & honestly, business has not been that great. A friend recommended SharkyNet to me because she said my website was not brining customers in. I sent them an email and they got right back to me. They suggested a new web design and an improvement on many of the pages. So, I went for it! What I got was nothing short of AMAZING! I LOVE my new site and I love SharkyNet! They are my GO TO people from now on!

Maria F.

Me & my wife needed a new website for our business but didn’t want to spend a lot. We found SharkyNet and we are thrilled! We also ordered a custom Logo and It is bright, beautiful and our clients love it. We would not have waited so long if we knew about them sooner! The next thing we do will have them add a video animation and bring the whole site to life!

Bary V.

Incredible work, great communication and fast delivery of graphic files I desperately needed will keep me coming back!
Great team to work with.

Steven O.

My sister & I wanted a way to collect donations for a local childrens charity. My Mom suggested we think about a website that people could visit and make donations on line. We looked around and found SharkyNet. (I really liked Sharky!) We talked with them and they even offered to make a site for us at a reduced price because of what we were doing! These people are great and I am happy to say that we have lots of donations coming in through the site! Thank you so much!

Steve & Lexi V.

I live in a rural area and don’t have many places to get a job. I decided that I really liked knitting & crocheting but how to sell it to me was a mystery. My sister & I were talking and she mentioned I should get a website and she suggested SharkyNet.com I am happy to say, I contacted them and the customer service, developers and designers were all so nice and SO helpful. My website is great and I am now happily selling my designs everywhere! Thank you for your kindness and all your hard work. I could not believe it was possible!

Jennifer A.

In past I worked with many companies and almost every time I was ending up with a bitter taste in my mouth. Lot of companies don’t respect agreements, deadlines and even direct requests from the customer. I am glad that I found SharkyNet and finally I am getting all the work I need done on time without any hassle, delays and excuses.
Great team to work with.

Jesus L.

These folks are awesome, I got everything I requested even before the delivery date! I highly recommend them.

Frank V.

My website crashed and the local guys couldn’t get it back up. I am a small business and without it, I am sunk. I found SharkyNet on line and sent them an email. They responded immediately which really shocked me! Within 1 hour, my site was not only back up but running at a speed it had never run before! They also fixed the dead links and I am ordering hosting & monthly maintenance so this never happens again. I highly recommend them!

Mark M.

What a difference in customer communication since getting my new website! Clients love to visit and email us and are amazed that everything works so smoothly! I will be a client of Greatwhitewebsolutions for a long time coming! Next will be my new mobile site!

Helena P.

I can’t say enough about this team of professionals. I was hopelessly lost when it came to getting a website for my new business and they patiently walked me through the whole process, even taking the time to teach me how to update the WordPress site myself! You can’t loose doing business with them. I am extremely happy!

Mary D.

I needed a custom Logo very quickly and got exactly what I wanted in only a few days! To see my ideas transformed into an amazing logo was astounding. I am now having them do maintenance on my site and completely trust the job will be done well and quickly.

Jacob A.

I needed something to spice up my website and a video animation was recommended. I am SO glad that I decided to do it! I have never had so many compliments and so much traffic on the site, with everyone stopping by to watch it! Thank you!

David P.

A friend told me about SharkyNet because my business was growing and I really need help putting it on line. After talking with them, I decided to go ahead and get a medium size site to start that I can always upgrade. I knew nothing but they made the whole process SO easy! They asked me a lot of questions and I told them what I liked & didn’t like. What they made me was the best website with custom design and a Logo that I have ever seen! I decided to go with their hosting package and I could not be happier.

Mick J.

I was looking for a whole new look for my website but wasn’t sure really what I wanted. A friend had told me about SharkyNet so I decided to take a look. The first thing I noticed were the prices…..They were less than I could have imagined. I sent along some questions and got answers back the very next morning. I felt comfortable with them so I decided I would give them a try. I am nothing short of amazed at the design of my website, the ease of use and the follow up to see how things were going. You just don’t find that anymore in most companies. I highly recommend this group and have switched my hosting to them as well.

David L.