How long will it take to get the website up and running?
Website development time depends on the complexity and requirements. If you are in hurry to get the site asap, we can have more developers/designers working on your project at extra cost.

What if I need custom services?
Then you have come to the right place! Our staff of highly skilled professionals can customize your website to meet all of your development requests. Please go to the contact us page and fill out the request for a quote. Include all the information you need us to know and if there is an existing website, please send us the URL.

I have already built my site. Can I hire a designer?
Absolutely! Our designers can put the finishing touches on your website and bring it to life! If you already have a site that you wish to customize, please go to the contact page and drop us a line with the URL of your site!

Regular website includes?
> Website programming
> Website design
> SEO Optimization
> Custom Vector Logo Design
> Full installation, transfer & setup on your hosting account

Is already finished website upgradable?
Absolutely! We can customize any website to suit your needs. Sometimes, it is just a matter of discussing your ideas with someone who can really help you to decide what you need and what you don’t. That is what we are here for, to help you navigate through the mucky waters and lead you into the clear blue sea! We also offer website redesign services & SEO improvements.

Can I edit (update) my site?
Absolutely! We provide the WordPress training along with the every purchase of the website development service.

What if I don’t really like my website?
We are a company based on 100% customer satisfaction! We will do everything in our power to not only meet your desires but to surpass them…..Sharky would have it no other way! (On occasion, Sharky has been known to remind us of his large appetite, so we don’t dare to give less than 110% !)

Will I get charged more agreed?
Absolutely NOT! Any additional design/development changes will be done on a quote basis. We will never bill you for anything that you do not approve in advance.

Do I need to learn any software?
With EVERY WordPress website, we offer training so that you can update/edit your website on your own! No contract for maintenance, no waiting for someone to get back to you, no searching for help! We will train you to do it and if you get stuck, then we are here to help!

Do I need to know HTML?
Absolutely NOT! Any complex website changes can be done by our professional staff. If you ordered a WordPress based website, we provide FREE WordPress training so that basic text and image changes can be done on your own!

May I add thumbnail images, videos or PDF downloadable documents to my site?
Absolutely! We are happy to accommodate your needs with images,videos and documents.

SEO services includes?
Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (onsite and offsite), SEO optimized Content writing & press release distribution.

May I get free website analysis and suggestions on how to make it work better?
Absolutely! We offer free website analysis that includes all aspects important for your online business, from SEO to Design & Usability. In order to apply for free website reports, please click here: Website Analyzer

In what format are you delivering custom logos ?
In any format you need! All custom logos are vectorized and we can deliver you PNG, JPEG, GIF, PSD Photoshop file, Adobe Illustrator format or any other needed.

For custom logos, how many revisions you offer?
For all custom logos, we offer 3 revisions that are usualy more than enough, because you will love our work, so in most cases extra revisions are not needed at all.

Do you offer printing services for brochures and business cards?
No, we don’t offer printing, we only do the design work.

What’s the minimum price for custom brochure design?
For custom brochures, we don’t have fixed prices. All prices depends on the complexity of the design and delivery time.

What kind of video animations can you provide?
We can provide any kind and any type of video animations from large corporate animations to comical cartoons that includes custom drawn illustrations.

What does website maintenance and repair services include?
Website repairs, full site backups, content management, website virus removal, website speed optimization, script updates, website reviews and everything else that need’s to be edited, removed, fixed or added to your website. For more info, please click here.

What are the fees for the website maintenance and repair services?
All fees are custom quoted and the price depends on the difficulty of the project.

Can I order monthly website maintenance?
Absolutely! Monthly maintenance can be done based on your requirements.

Do you have hourly rates for development / design work ?
No, we don’t. All prices are based on a quote and agreement.

Can I be charged more than agreed for the development / design work?
No! Agreed price will always remain the same, the only exception is if you want to add some additional features or work requests that weren’t on the original quote.

Do you offer hosting services
Yes! We can host your site at our servers for only $9.99 per month. Our hosting is lighting fast and resources are equally shared between users, which means that you will get more speed, more power than with the other hosts.

I already have a domain name?
Awesome! Then you are already on your way to the website solution of your dreams! We can give you instructions and all needed assistance on how to “connect” your domain with our hosting servers so your website can be hosted with us. We are always here to help and you will never feel like a fish out of water!

How much does it cost to transfer my website to your hosting?
Here is the best answer yet! The transfer is completely FREE! Once your website is transferred, our low monthly hosting fees will apply.

What domain nameservers to use for hosting?
In order to host your website at Sharkynet, point your domain to these nameservers:

Or contact us and we will provide all needed assistance, for free!

I am already using an email with my domain name?
That’s not problem! Just let us know the emails you are using and we will recreate them on your new hosting account for a seamless transition.

How do I cancel my hosting account?
Well, we would sure miss you, first off! But, you are not locked into a contract so just email or call us and we will cancel your hosting account.

Are mobile websites optimized for all devices and platforms?
Yes! Mobile version of your site made by us will work flawlessly on all devices and platforms such as Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Iphone, Ipad…

If we have not begun work on your project, we will issue a full refund within the first 30 days. Once we begin work on your project, we cannot offer a full refund. We will offer a refund based on our expenses to date.