website infected

If your website has been hacked and infected with any kind of virus, malware, or iframe injection you should seek help from our highly experienced development team as soon as possible before it’s too late. Infection on your website can not only ruin your business, it can also damage your Google rankings, reputation and force your visitors/customers to run away and never come back because they will think that if you don’t care about your site security, you don’t care about your business also.

But there’s always a solution, contact us and we will investigate, identify, remove, prevent malware and make your site secure as never before.

Symptoms of the infection:

– If you get this warning shown on the image below while visiting your website then your website is infected and blocked so it cannot spread viruses to your visitors and jeopardize their computers.

website virus removal

– If you visit some page of your website and automatically get redirected to some other website, then everything is clear enough, you caught a re-directional virus.

– Other symptoms of infection are: Content (text, links, images, videos) on your site pages that don’t belong there, inability to login to your website admin panel or member account, additional pages not made by you, boxes with strange content appears on your site and pull data from other websites (Iframe injection) in order to infect your site and computers of visitors.

Who fault is it for the infection?
Before you start blaming yourself, you need to know that in most cases, websites get infected because of outdated script (WordPress, Joomla, Forum script or any other) that is used for the website platform and if you are not familiar with tech stuff such as website development, this surely cannot be your fault.
If your website script is regularly updated, than in 80% of cases, infection is the fault of the web hosting company where your site is hosted. Due to lack of knowledge or cost cuts, some hosting companies just don’t care about security threats and every time they will say to you “It’s not our fault!”. In this case, the best possible solution is to find another host.