charity is looking to give back a little something to the communities that work so hard in helping others. Every month from each group we’ll choose multiple organizations and provide them with a professionally done website, FREE of charge, where they can showcase their work, collect donations and receive help in many ways.

This month we have chosen organizations that help the:


as a group that will receive a completely free website.  You do not have to be non-profit to apply.

Click here to apply and provide all information about your organization and why you would like a website.

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To help individuals, it is vital to be able to do three things. The first is to understand what the public needs. The second is to have the resources to accomplish the task. The final requirement is for the public to be aware of the offered good or service and have ready access to it.

This is as true for charities as it is for any profitable business. Communication is key to make any sort of meaningful impact on the community. Over the past few generations, we have gone from focusing on word of mouth to being able to communicate instantly from clear across the world. Our ability to make ourselves heard has increased a thousand-fold, and thus the necessity of maintaining a public profile through the most current of mediums has increased likewise.

Today, we wish to discuss an exciting new opportunity Sharkynet is offering charitable organizations throughout the nation and world.

Why is it important for a charitable organization to have a website?

In the twenty-first century, a well-designed and maintained website is as important to any organization as the people and facilities behind it. The website is swiftly becoming the de facto means that the average person uses to research a firm or person, and ultimately make a decision as to who to interact with him/it.

With regards to online charitable fundraising, 2010 witnessed $22 billion being raised, a 34% increase from the previous year . While that is a healthy figure worthy of trying to obtain a slice of, it is still a small fraction of the overall fundraising market. During the same year, $290 billion was raised in the United States overall .

While the amount raised from purely digital sources is still a small fraction of the total raised, nearly a third of online donors switch to traditional off-line channels .

Every year, nearly eight out of every nine households give to charity in the United States . The average amount raised per household during 2011 was $2,213.

In addition to the steadily rising amount being raised every year, the number of charitable organizations have decreased by 15.6%, leading to more intense competition among those that remain. In this climate, every tool available to reach out to potential donors should be used. That includes a free website that our organization is willing to provide.

What is our goal?

Every month, it is Sharkynet’s goal to help a different class of charity by providing a quality website, for free, that may be used to help spread awareness of an issue, and to help raise capital in the cause of alleviating the problem.

These sites are our way of making a meaningful impact on the community, of helping the current and future generations to obtain a life filled with dignity and respect.

The Company ethos is a reflection of the core Abrahamic ideal, “Make the world a better place than we have found it.”


In February 2014, we are focusing our attention on helping organizations that target the homeless. In the United States, the average number of people that are homeless at any given time stands at around 600,000. Thirty-six percent of this total are families. Nearly a quarter of the total, 150,000, are youths under the age of eighteen.

“Federal funding sources dedicated to homelessness have not increased appreciably, with the exception of dollars targeted specifically toward veterans” .

The above, a gloomy addition to an otherwise slightly more rosy article describing a modest decline in homelessness, represents one of the issues facing homeless organizations in this era of government austerity and economic stagnation.

It is vital for any homeless organization to not only raise funds, but to make itself readily accessible through as many mediums as possible. The homeless family may not have the time to go to a library or civic center to find a list of organizations, but they will often have access to a phone with Internet connectivity.

A simple Google © search to a professionally designed and maintained website may help bring those most in need of your services to your door. It can make all the difference between a child lying in the street or having a bed to sleep in that night.

In addition, a website from out company may be customized to include anything from secure chat rooms (4) to document repositories preconfigured to enable collaboration between staff members (5). Utilized to its fullest extent, a website from us will enable your organization to work more effectively, freeing more time to help those in need.

At Risk Youth

The following month, March 2014, we will be focusing on helping organizations whose goal is to reach out to underprivileged youth. The current generation of youth may be best described by their relation to the technology prevalent in our modern society. Computers at home, school, the library, and their pockets enable them to access information and communication mediums that was considered impossible just a generation ago.

What has not changed is the underlying social issues that makes teenagers at risk. Whether that be underperforming schools, dangerous communities, or ineffective parenting, children and young adults need to be able to reach out for help just as much as ever.

A website from our company comes with the ability to customize features of the site that will create a safe, secure environment for youth to gather for communication, information, and companionship. The security features inherent in WordPress enables you, the site owner, to limit site membership and access in areas like forums and chat rooms to only the staff and children.

As an added benefit of this restriction, it is possible for site staff to monitor and curate material published on this site by youth. Steps may be taken to protect children that cannot work on public sites, such as Facebook ©.

We have all heard stories of children being bullied or abducted through the use of modern technology. A web site of your own will enable you to help prevent this, by providing an environment that will be a much safer alternative to the main-stream commercial offerings.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a software suite designed to swiftly create functional, secure websites. It supports “plug-ins” that greatly enhance the functionality of the site, for instance adding a chat room. This software suite is used by millions of sites for everything ranging from basic blogs to online retail stores.

The software is actively maintained by a large community of individuals dedicated to creating a secure, open Internet.

We take this open platform, and back it up with industry leading support staff and standards. Every website developed by us is guaranteed to be fully functioning and immediately useful to the client.

It is free to try for yourself. Go to to create a free blog. Be warned, it comes with no warranty and precious little in the way of support if something goes wrong.

About Our Company…

Sharkynet is a multinational web-centered firm dedicated to providing quality website building and hosting solutions.

Founded in Europe ten years ago, we have successfully grown in a multi-continental enterprise well known in a wide variety of industries for providing excellent service at a reasonable price. We are willing to bring this expertise to charitable organizations for free, as a means of helping enrich the community that we are a part of.

A year ago we decided to expand to the United States and provide quality service at a rate more in line with consumer needs. We felt that the general public was paying too high a fee for web development services, and have set out to create the best service possible at the best price possible.

Satisfied Customers…

Even with free design, support being made available, it is important for charitable organizations to know they are going with someone they can trust. We have numerous satisfied customer testimonials on our web site.

During our period of operation, we have striven to set the bar high in regards to customer satisfaction. The end results speak for themselves…

Both of the above showcase our skills in developing custom themes for clients. We provide everything the client needs for a successful website, including the initial content. Over the ten years we have been in business, we have gained the skills and experience needed to create the most impactful websites possible at the lowest cost.


You can rest assured, the time spent working with us will pay off in a stronger market position with a more positive online presence than you had before. In the digital realm, you will be better situated to communicating with the public and enabling them to receive the most timely information possible.

Who qualifies for this offer?

This offer is open to any non-for-profit organizations that are able to articulate how they believe a website will help them reach their goals. We do not discriminate based upon current tax status. The current bout of issues with the IRS has created a system where obtaining that credential can easily become a serious issue for any organization working on a tight budget.

There are no limits to this offer, so contact us today to see how we can help.

Contact Us…

When you get in touch, please be prepared to provide the following:

  • Name of organization
  • Name of primary contact (including position in organization)
  • Contact information (More is better)
  • What is your organizations mission?
  • Do you currently have a web presence? Facebook, Blogger, etc.
  • What are your goals for this website? Will it be a simple blog site, or something that requires interaction?

There are three main ways to contact us. The first is through our website’s easy-to-use contact form located at:

Another is to call us at 1-617-300-0654 between the hours of 9AM to 6PM Eastern Time. That translates to 6AM to 3PM Pacific Time.

The final way is to reach out to us on social media. We have a Facebook page at: