ListEruptionV2 plugin Last week I had opportunity to try out List Eruption V2 WordPress plugin while I was doing some coding changes on my clients websites and my first impression was WOW!   Many people will probably ask what is all about?  L.E is a viral plugin that helps you to grow your mailing list, to get more subscribers for your website, so pretty much it’s a great tool for marketers.

It works in a very simple and effective way. You install the plugin, put opt-in form on your site and every new subscriber gets redirected to the page with Reward (which can be anything, from free e-book to discount coupon).   Subscriber can claim Reward if he click on any of the Social Share buttons like Facebook, Google+ and shares a link that leads back to the opt-in form. This practically brings more people to your landing page, for free.  So theoretically, 5 subscribers can bring 500 more people, those 500 people can bring back thousands of people and so on…

I think that this plugin works the best for the people who already are getting new subscribers on a daily or weekly basis.   If your site is brand new, make sure that you have some really really HOT offer that will lure the visitors to subscribe.

What I would like to see in future versions

1. Opt-in Widget, cause currently L.E is available only as landing page.

2. Abillity to change the destination URL of a referral link. So let’s say I already got 2000 new subscribers who are sharing the referral link everywhere and now I want to be able to redirect all new referrals to my site homepage instead to have them going to the landing page where they can subscribe.

If this can be done in some newer version of the plugin, I think it would be really awesome and good for the business.

If anyone is interested in this plugin, here’s the URL with more info.