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Bringing Your Business to the Top. The importance of using your website for marketing

Every business owner knows that you have to be seen to be successful. With the help of the internet, now you can be seen on a global scale as compared to just locally. But simply being seen is no longer enough. Now it is just as important to create a memorable user experience and develop relationships with your customers as it is to do simple advertising. Thanks to the many social media platforms that exist today, building those relationships cab be easy if you allow it to be.

Branding Your Business

branding business1

In order to effectively market your business, you need to create a recognizable brand across your market. Your customers are looking for you online whether you are there or not. The more exposure that you have, the more recognizable you are to them. So working your way into social media and mobile marketing is not only the new thing to do, it is the most effective thing to do to grow your business and your brand in today’s market.

Going Mobile

going mobile With smart phones accounting for over 56 percent of all the handsets sold in 2013, it is becoming increasingly important to have a mobile presence. More industries are building their web experiences with the mobile user in mind. More and more mobile users are feeling confident enough in their mobile network to use their phones for social networking and making online purchases. It is estimated that by 2017, that number will increase to as much as 87 percent.

How your business comes across to your mobile users is becoming increasingly important. If a user has trouble navigating your site, they might just simply click away to the competitor that has the better mobile presence. To prevent this from happening it is important to have your site created with auser friendly mobile presence. This may seem like a daunting task, however, if you hire the right web design service they can help you with your mobile presence and your social media presence with no trouble at all.

Engaging Your Audience

engage audience As many as 50 percent of mobile users now use their smart phone as their primary internet access. It is estimated that internet users spend as much as 25 percent of their time on social networks. They spend as much as 56 percent of their time surfing the web, or visiting specific websites. By having a website that is mobile ready, you are more likely to engage customers that you otherwise may not have had. You need to become fluid with your marketing.Go where the customers are.

Nearly 60 percent of mobile device users will not recommend a business to friends unless they have a well-designed mobile site. When you add content to your website or social media site, the content needs to be of interest to your target market. You need to spend a little time to find content that your clientele will find interesting. If you are going to advertise on your website or social media account, make sure that you are offering content and specials that your mobile or social media users will enjoy.

Social Media Platforms

social media platforms There are a growing number of social media sites that are available today. You really need to know where your customers are hanging out in order to engage them. While each social platform offers different types of contact to your target market, you will need to stay consistent with your content. If you are going to Tweet and offer, you should also be posting it on the other sites in order to pull in a larger audience. Each social media site has something to offer your marketing campaign.

You will need to spend some time working the social media platforms, it will require some time to maintain. If at all possible, you should hire someone to maintain your online campaigns. You will need to create content to post, post on a regular basis, and interact with people among other things. Working the social media angle takes work, and time. Remember, it will pay off in the long run, but it requires the same effort that anything else in your business does.

facebook Facebook

At the moment, Facebook is the largest social media site on the internet. They are currently the number one player when it comes to the time people spend on social media sites. It used to be easy to create a fan page and post your offers and get people to like them. Those days are gone, now people want to see interesting and engaging content in order to stick around. If you are not sure how to do all of this, you may need to consider hiring a dependable web design service to handle it for you.

When you are posting content on Facebook, you need to be communicating with your audience as well. This is the opportunity to create relationships with your customers and potential customers. The experience that they have with you on any social media platform is going to speak volumes to the type of purchases they are willing to make. You can also use Facebooks ad network to advertise to the entire Facebook network at once. As long as you get exposure on Facebook, you should see an increase in your website traffic.

twitter Twitter

Twitter is a different type of social media. You can add tags to your tweets in order to make them searchable. For instance, if you are tweeting about the great sale that you have on widgets, anyone that is on Twitter looking for widgets can do a search and your tweet will show up in front of them. Although you are limited in the number of characters that you can use, once you get the hang of the platform it becomes much easier. When you engage your customers on Twitter, it is easy for everyone else to see how you communicate. Gaining a good following on Twitter can sky rocket your traffic.

google plus Google +

Although relatively new to the scene, Google + has taken to the Social scene quite well. There are some estimates that show Google + surpassing Facebook in the near future. Because of the way that Google + is designed, it is an important thing to consider when you are utilizing their platform. They require people to use their real names, so once you have gotten into peoples circles, you will know who you are dealing with. Likewise, people will be able to get to know you as well. Advertising on Google + has yet to be expanded, so creating relationships with people is important on this platform.

linkedin LinkedIn

Depending on the type of business you are in, you will need to be professional with your advertisements on LinkedIn. This service is a business networking type of platform. You can run ads on this network, but by having a profile as well, you can network with like-minded individuals. You can expand your services by learning who else is around in your line of work.

pinterest Pinterest

If you have never visited Pinterest, you have a surprise in store. Pinterest is starting to use advertisement pins in their feeds. So, now you have options when you use their platform. It is fairly easy to engage an audience on this platform. All you need are interesting images to post, then link them right back to your website. There are comments allowed on the pins, so make sure the pins represent what your website is about. One recent complaint on Pinterest is that people post pins that have nothing to do with the website they link to. If you keep it relevant you should have no problem.

instagram Instagram

It’s all about the images. This is one huge network of images. Instagram is owned by Facebook, so keep that in mind when you start sharing images on this platform. In order to gain a following on this site, all you need to do is upload interesting photos. They should be images of things that are relevant to your website. Once people start viewing the image, if you link them back to your website, you could see a spike in traffic.

youtube YouTube

Is there anyone who doesn’t watch videos on YouTube? YouTube is an advertising dream. Not only can you embed your videos, you can add links to them, you can add links in the comments, you can even add links to your site from someone else’s video. The potential here is enormous. With the use of a simple free online video creation tool, you could have an entire channel of videos to share and drive traffic to your website. Seriously consider the potential of this platform.

Brining Your Business to the Top

With all that we have covered here, I hope you see the importance of using your website for marketing. Of course the people who search for your business online will be able to find your website, but what about new and potential clientele? By engaging people on social networks, you expand your possibilities. There is so much traffic just waiting to be directed to your site. If you invest a little time and effort into social marketing, you will benefit exponentially.